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Reservoir Doges NFTs 🐕 999 uniquely generated Solana NFTs


Each Reservoir Doge
is completely unique


Will ever be minted


You will own your Reservoir Doge and access to the DogeDAO.

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Project Info
This NFT project will be hosted exclusively on the emerging powerhouse Solana. One of the most respected NFT blockchain platforms. Solana has extremely low fees, and is crazy fast.

The project’s leadership have been following the NFT market on Solana’s blockchain popularity in the cryptocurrency community, its low fees and its bullish nature as the fundamental reasons for why we've chosen to place our doge house here.

After several brainstorming sessions, the founders decided to assemble a team of talented and experienced developers and artists to handle the project and bring it to reality.

‘The Rendezvous point’ will be an exclusive area for members, or any wiseguy who wants to join the plot to fuel the scheme of strengthening the Reservoir Doges core. All you have to do to have exclusive access here is own a Reservoir Doge. All are welcome, however not all doges are created equally.

The job, a diamond heist.

Bloody Bull Doge, Riri, and Mr. White have assembled a crew. A group of capable, multi skilled gun for hire Doges with a single goal, retrieve the diamonds.

4444 Doges signed up, with the knowledge that some won’t make it amid rumours of undercover moles. The presence of these moles jeopardizes the mission and risks the lives of all Reservoir Doges. The success of the heist is up to you!

This is not a game (well it is). You will need to complete mission critical tasks to be in with a chance of winning the heist diamonds. Big prizes for three doges per heist to be won here! However, no mission comes without its casualties. After every heist we bid farewell to a few of our less able or less fortunate doges until there are only 999 remaining. In this way, Reservoir Doges are deflationary.

Join the Reservoir Doges team today, help complete the heists, find the mole and grow the diamond heist doge pack.

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Reservoir Doges

Who is the mole?

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